Our Goal

The people of India have extreme respect and love for Ganga, and they are expected to extend all co-operations if they realize that a river which has been infusing life in them now needs their help for its own life. Now the time has come to "create large scale awareness and knowledge generation" about prevention, protection and management of river Ganga and therefore, motivating and educating the people regarding reservoirs and prevention of Ganga pollution is also required. Public is the key constraint to solve any problem. The main aim of this programme is to arouse religious sentiments and to preserve the sancity of River Ganga. We try to awakening general masse about the river water pollution and disseminate the knowledge about prevention of river Ganga as well as its tributaries

  • To create large scale awareness in stark reality of Ganga.
  • To arouse religious sentiments.
  • To motivate local people for their active involvement in effort to keep Ganga Clean
  • To build consciousness about the Conservation of nature natural resource
  • To disseminate religious, mythological, socio-economical and scientific significance of River Ganga.
  • To transfer knowledge and technology from Lab to Land.
  • To preserve pious status of Holy Ganga