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(Ecological Study Of River Ganga & Its Tributaries)

Ganga, the most abundant and wonderful natural resource, is extremely essential for survival of all living organisms. But today clean water of Ganga has become a precious commodity and its quality is threatened by numerous source of pollution. The river despite its extra ordinary resilience and recuperative capacity is severely polluted. The socio-economic activities have severely damaged the quality of Ganga water.

Today the river of life is now dying a slow natural death. Our holy river Ganga is losing its extraordinary power due to impact of pollution being caused by so many factors like sewage and municipal waste, industrial effluent, agricultural runoff, diversion of channel, Dams and Barrages, dead bodies, holy bathing over population etc. Dangerously polluted water in Ganga is just one example of deleterious effect of unsound water strategies throughout the world. The Ganga is considered as ‘Source of Life’.  So, pollution of Ganga affects more than 500 million people as well as animals and all the organisms that are directly or indirectly dependent upon Ganga water. The scientific research personnel will continue monitoring the water pollution and collected data will display to common man to present stark reality and what they can do to control the situation.

To sustain water-related environmental problems, it is must to have accurate information, and to know precisely what the problem is, where it is occurring, how serious it is, and what is causing it. Such information is necessary for preparation of the master plan for pollution abatement.


For glorifying the importance of Ganga in the heart of Indian citizens, for education the masses on environmental problems for motivating them to actively participate in preventing pollution and restoring purity of the holy water of River Ganga and for monitoring the pollution it is important to check the pollution and identify sources of pollution, display the stark reality of the Ganga river and create awareness among the people to protect holy river Ganga. The conservation of rivers has been limited to efforts towards improving water quality by treatment of wastewaters. Unfortunately, there has been no appreciation of the nature of rivers as ecosystems whose ecological integrity depends upon their physical, chemical, biological characteristics and interactions with their landscape (watershed). Programmes which will continue throughout the year;

  • Ecological survey of Ganga basin area.
  • Water quality assessment of River Ganga & its tributaries
  • EIA of River water pollution on human health as well as socio-economic aspect.
  • Organize environmental awareness programme along its catchment area to motivate local people for their active cooperation to keep Ganga clean
  • Extending exhibition to disseminate knowledge about the pollution and prevention.

To make good decision requires detailed information on the environment condition of our rivers. The scientific study of river Ganga aimed towards display stark reality of river water pollution and preparation of the master plan for pollution abatement of river Ganga.

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