A Greamforecast

It is wonder of all wonders that the water of Ganga, which has been considered as nectar on earth, has been so much polluted that it is now total poisonous and disease bringer. The very water, which has been sent to distant lands, was kept pure fresh, and unchanged for many days is fully of injurious, fatal and a living organism. The river despite its extra ordinary resillance and recuperative capacity is severally damage. The mysterious power of the Ganga water is vanishing day by day due to rapid increase of pollution level. It known that the Ganga water removes unconsciousness; thirst, burning, sensation of body, fatigue, stomach disorder, destroys harmful germs and increased longevity. The famous scientist Chakrapanidutta in 1060 A.D. regarded Ganga water as sole destroyer of all disease. The curative power of Ganga soil used for treatment of skin disease and blood impurities in past. But today, the picture had been changed totally due to pollution.

The Ganga River, the most scared river of the Hindu community and known for its self- purification capacity since time immemorial, has now become tired due to relent¬lessly carrying ever-increasing unwanted load of industrial and urban wastes contributed mostly by those people who consider their mother Ganga as door for heaven.

The death of rivers like Ganga is not impacting human life alone, numerous species of life forms are in danger. Ganga’s degeneration will wipe out several species of aquatic and terrestrial creatures. For one, the river hosts over 140 fish species, 90 amphibian species and the endangered Ganga river dolphin.