Ganga Raksha Maha Abhiyan

For us the Ganga is not just a river, the entire Indian Philosophy and culture comes from this river. It is of great importance in Northern India because its water is used for human and cattle consumption, power generation, fish production, and irrigation and for pilgrimage. It is considered as ‘River of Life’. But it is wonder of all wonders that the water of Ganga, which has been considered as Nectar on earth, has been so much polluted. The holy river is shrinking and stinking. Worse still it is dying a slow unnatural death. Current water quality of River Ganga presents a horrific feature in terms of “GangaJal”. Recently, the Ganga is facing numerous threats originating from anthropogenic activities throughout its basin.

Pollution of Ganga creates horrible ecological crisis. We must need valuable suggestions, plans, different renovation technology etc. Actually, we need collective wisdom from various disciplines to solve environmental problems which are often very complex. Involvement of Knowledge persons; academician, engineers, environmentalist, microbiologists etc. can create revolutionary ideas to sustain water.

Ganga Raksha MahaAbhiyan