Need of Public Participation

Community participation is the key constraint to solve all environmental problems.
‘If you plan for one year-plant  rice, if you plan for ten years – grows trees and if your plans for 100 years – educate the people.’
Infect, education is to be regarded as investment of the highest order, which in time to come, become an asset. The world opinion is favoring the inclusion of common man in programmes related to conservation of nature and natural resources. Indeed local knowledge may provide low cost solutions that standard agricultural research would never discover..
Now the time has come to "create large scale awareness and knowledge generation" about prevention, protection and management of river Ganga water quality. And therefore, motivating and educating the people regarding reservoirs and prevention of Gang pollution is also required.
For this purpose, frequent eco-development camps /exhibition is required particularly during the festive public gatherings like Kumbha/ ArdhKumbha/ Magh Mela and other festive occasions on the bank of Ganga city.